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The foudners Sandy Kertész and Martin Harth

Budapest, 2007. Sandy Marc Kertesz and Martin Harth met for the first time. They come from different backgrounds; Mr. Kertesz, born and raised in Zurich, is an entrepreneur through and through. During his career, Mr. Kertesz ran several companies in various countries, in the fields of commodities, securities, and consulting. Mr. Harth, born and raised in Munich, not only has a university degree in music but also in industrial design. Mr. Harth was a leading designer in the automotive industry for over a decade, with the design of the Mercedes Benz S-Class CL 500 (C215) being his masterpiece. Mr. Harth was also very much involved in the interior design of the new Airbus 380. 

Mercedes Benz CL 500 (C215)

Munich, 2010. With the launch of NUBIA and RAJUL, we established our first Fragrance Line. However, in 2012, we launched our first and original Premium Collection with the 100 ML scent family “X and Y”. followed by the "GOLD" in 2013, which then became the best selling women’s fragrance at the Swiss GLOBUS AG, the most luxurious shopping mall chain in Switzerland, for two years in a row. Emeshel “Platinum” was successfully launched in early 2015 as well. The new 50 ML fragrance line “Les Cinq Parfumeurs” appeared in the same year. Working together with five iconic figures from the perfume industry has taken Emeshel to the next level. The creation of “Les Cinq Parfumeurs” is the result of true friendship and a common goal: creating unique luxury fragrances such as have never been seen before. In fall 2018, Emeshel has launched „Velvet” - a new proud member of the Premium Collection.

Premium Collection X

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