Because Perfumers are the real Masters

Paris, September 2013. It was a sunny late summer afternoon, when I was strolling down the Champs-Élysées and let myself getting enchanted by the city’s elegance and creativity. And while listening to five grooving street musicians performing their songs with such a fresh mind and warm mood, I had an idea like a flash sprite: why not let five of the best perfume artists create a ‘live-summer-concert’ of light, fresh yet sensual fragrances along their free spirits, and publishing their names on the flacons, because they are the real masters of perfumery?

The one and only joint linking the idea to get a solid project, would be that the five artists should at least once come together with us for setting an initial theme or ‘Leitmotiv’ for this concert of fragrances, called: LES CINQ PARFUMEURS.

Indeed, only a few weeks later, with Marc Roesti (responsible for the creation of perfumes such as Lalique, Jil Sander Sun, Jaguar and Bentley) as our team coach, we could meet all together in Paris, again. Thus the idea had been born and got alive.

In June 2014, about nine months later, these five of the world’s top perfumers, from Paris and New York, have created an irresistible collection of elegant scents exclusively for EMESHEL, ‘Les Cinq Parfumeurs’: Dominique Preyssas, Jean-Claude Delville, Delphine Jelk, Michel Almairac and Philippe Romano have achieved premium results.

Martin Harth